Melbourne to Bairnsdale, East Gippsland Wrap up

We took the week off following Easter Monday for a short trip to Bairnsdale – camping in our Jayco Jpod, with our 2 dogs.

Summary of our Melbourne to Bairnsdale camping trip

Bairnsdale is a city located in the East of Gippsland, Victoria in Australia.

22 April 2019 – Day 1 | Bairnsdale, East Gippsland – 3rd Trip for the Jayco Jpod
| Highlights – Easter Monday Excitement –  taking the Jayco Jpod for its 3rd trip somewhere new. Setting up camp and Walking the dogs

23 April 2019 – Day 2 | Best things to do in Bairnsdale | Nearby Silt Jetties and St. Mary’s Church
| Highlights – Visit to St Mary’s Church and the beautiful murals, and driving to the end of the Silt Jetties and back and Spanish Eggs for dinner

24 April 2019 – Day 3 | Where to buy Fresh Prawns and Fish in Lakes Entrance?
| Highlights – Eastern Beach, Vibez cafe and Wine bar for lunch and licorice ice cream in Lakes Entrance. Fresh prawns and fish cooked on the Weber Q.

25 April 2019 – Day 4 | ANZAC Day March and Parade in Bairnsdale
| Highlights – Going to a country ANZAC Day March in Bairnsdale, and magnificent sunny afternoon lazing around.

26 April 2019 – Day 5 | Icy wind and rain forecast shortens camping holiday

| Highlights – Hot pies for lunch in Traralgon, and safely getting home to a warm house!
| Lowlights – Having to end holiday one day early due to the icy windy weather.

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