ANZAC Day March and Parade in Bairnsdale

Thursday 25th April ANZAC day

I am a proud Australian and it was great to experience an ANZAC day parade in a country town. We walked with the dogs from the caravan park up to the main street. It was blocked off to cars, in preparation for the parade. The main street in Bairnsdale is big and wide with a large strip of grass and gardens dividing the road. We sat on a bench and waited for the action to begin. Spot on time we could hear the The Royal Australian Air Force planes fly overhead. Was not quick enough to get video!

‘ANZAC’ stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. On the 25th of April 1915, Australian and New Zealand soldiers formed part of the allies that set out to capture the Gallipoli peninsula. These became known as Anzacs and the pride they took in that name continues to this day.

ANZAC parade and service at the Bairnsdale Cenotaph

It was quite emotional watching the parade. The band came marching along first, followed by war veterans, The Royal Australian Air force,  the army, a family group and then some old cars. As the parade came to an end we followed the crowd up to the Cenotaph and stood with the dogs and listened to a few speeches and then the The New Zealand and Australian national anthems.


The Bairnsdale Cenotaph commemorates servicemen and women who have served in conflicts in which Australia has been involved.

One minute silence at the Bairnsdale Cenotaph not so silent!

The dogs had been very good and were lying quietly on the grass while we were listening to the service.  That was about until 45 seconds into the one minute silence!  Taffee barked one loud sharp bark. Seemed like everyone turned around to see what the noise was.  A touch embarrassing, we moved away and headed back to our campsite.

Magnificent weather for an afternoon nap

We cooked up a toasted sandwich with some cabana and had a relaxing afternoon lounging on our Oztrail sun lounges.  It was a warm sunny still day and perfect for just doing nothing.

The Jpod and SUV tent on the back is a great set up for camping with the dogs.  They could go in their dog crate for a sleep or join us on the sun lounges for an afternoon of relaxing.

Sunset walk and a rack of lamb for dinner, followed by a night time walk.

Dinner was cooked on the Weber – rack of lamb and veges. Also tried cooking up some Sagnaki cheese in the small fry pan. Epic fail resulting in chewy cheese.

Lots of walks on this trip – mainly for the dogs. They love it. We were taking them on multiple walks throughout the day – sunrise, sunset and in the dark and lots in between.

Where is the Bairnsdale ANZAC Day march held?

The march is held in the main street. The street is very wide with a green lawn strip down the middle. The surrounding streets are closed to traffic. The Parade heads towards the Bairnsdale Cenotaph where the ANZAC day service is then held.

When is ANZAC Day in Australia?

ANZAC day is on the 25th April Each year.

Is ANZAC day a public holiday in Australia?

ANZAC day is a public holiday.

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