A Providoor “Maha” Food Experience in Melbourne Lockdown

Maha Wow!

What a fantastic idea – having such a delicious food experience at home! Living in Melbourne during lockdown has been tough for everyone in different ways. The monotony of every day being the same becomes just so “ho hum”.

Recently we were fortunate enough to be gifted a voucher for “Providoor”. This was from a generous person that wanted to give and help an Australian business in Lockdown, Melbourne 2020. They had had a son turning 21 and organised a “Zoom” birthday party and paid for close family members to have a chosen set menu from a top Melbourne restaurant ” Maha” to be delivered to their doors. Via zoom they had a successful, memorable 21st party with all the close family members.

The experience was great so the natural thing was to talk about and share how good it was.

How does Providoor work?

It was all a bit of a mystery to be given a voucher for Providoor. A look at their website had plenty of options to choose from. There are some top Melbourne restaurants that banded together to work out a way to make money and stay afloat during lockdown. How do you make money when you own a restaurant and have staff to pay if  you can’t have the normal clientele that visit and enjoy your food? You are creative and come up for a way to get your food out to the people via a box delivery. The box contains the food with instructions on how to cook up and serve – so its like you are eating at their restaurant.

Choosing a Restaurant from Providoor

Not so easy! Looking through all the choices is overwhelming. Budget and taste is what leads you to a decision. We love middle eastern food and thought the set menu for 2 offered at “Maha” sounded yum!

Maha Providoor - Restaurant quality food

Providoor delivered to your door

You order in advance and all the food is delivered in a containers in a cardboard box lined with silver insulated bubble wrap. Everything is clearly labeled in plastic containers and boxes.

Maha Music Playlist – Ambient

Wasn’t expecting a playlist. What a great idea. A QR code  lead us to Spotify Maha playlist. We put the music on in the background and it was a nice mix of mellow middle eastern… and “doof doof “music. ( thats what Dave called it anyway)

Maha – The Food

You need to read the instructions. They are simple to follow and basically you are reheating it as you want it. You can heat in the oven, stove-top or microwave and there are instructions for each.

Hummus, za’atar oil and house made bread

We were so excited about our dinner we (Dave) did not read the instructions re the hummus and pouring the supplied za’atar oil over the top. We added our own olive oil to the top of the dip. The fresh Iraqi flatbread = full on yum. Plenty of it too!

Kataifi wrapped prawns

Favourite!!! I love prawns. These were delicious. A few minutes in the oven until golden brown and then a drizzle of Aleppo pepper honey deliciousness over them. Yum Yum Yum.

Chemen cured kingfish

We have had a memorable Kinfish dish on a holiday in Broome. It was freshly caught on the day and it was beautiful. This was quite different in taste and presentation but equally as delicious.

Turkish beef dumplings

They were tinee tiny dumplings the size of your fingertips. A sauce and duckah over top.

Slow roasted lamb

We heated up the lamb in the oven, the beans and rice in a simmering pot of water, and the basmati rice. The sauce was placed on a plate under the lamb as instructed. It looked beautiful and tasted Delicious!

Too full for dessert

Everything so far was delicious, yummy and filling. We decided to leave the dessert for another day. We had eaten all of the supplied food up until the lamb. Easily enough for another meal left in the lamb, rice and beans.

Next day Dessert –

White chocolate and rosemary “muhallabieh” milk pudding

Yummy! An easy turn out onto the plate for the pudding. Poured over the pretty pink Turkish sauce, and then the honey donuts. It was a lovely combination of flavors and textures.

Dark chocolate & peanut butter mousse, tahini caramel, broken baklava

Yummy! Loved it.

We love being able to eat top quality restaurant food at home

Being able to get the restaurant quality food experience delivered to your door is fantastic!. Hope that this service remains long after the Pandemic!

This is a great gift for a celebration, a special reward for an employee, a birthday or anniversary. It is a memorable experience that is well worth doing.

Thank you Providoor and Maha!










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