Icy wind and rain forecast shortens camping holiday

This was meant to be our last day in Bairnsdale, however as the morning progressed we decided to pack up early and go home. We would have ended up stuck in the caravan and the dogs in their crate for most of the day. Along with the thought of having to sort out wet camping gear at home it was an easy decision to go home one day early. We had a great time camping in Bairnsdale and visited Lakes Entrance, Paynesville, The Silt Jetties and experienced a country ANZAC parade.

Ham and Cheese Croissants for Breakfast

Easy to prepare breakfast. With a slice through the croissant and a some cheese and ham they were placed back in the foil tray and heated up in the Weber for about 10 minutes.

Pack up and home a day earlier than planned

Knowing it was our last day we cleaned and packed up the Weber and put it away in the Jpod. It looked like it was going to rain so we put away the chairs. Once the chairs were gone we decided we may as well roll up the awning. Without much planned to do for the rest of the day and the the predicted weather forecast of cold winds and rain getting worse throughout the day –  we decided to keep packing up and head home one day early.

With the Jpod packed up we headed home to Melbourne.

Hot Pies for lunch in Traralgon

We stopped at Traralgon for a break and to swap over driving duties.We found a place to park in the back streets of Traralgon and went for a walk with the dogs to the Traralgon Yarragon Bakery. The wind was strong and icy and blew straight through us. Perfect pie weather! The dogs sat underneath the table ( in the street ) while we ate the yummy hot Steak and Onion, and Steak and Pepper pies.

It was a very windy drive home. Once home we started the unpacking process and relaxed in our nice warm home!



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