Last Day in Daylesford

Tuesday and the day after the Labor day public holiday. Majority of the people packed up and left early  yesterday.

We had a fantastic sleep in a quiet campsite. There were no kids yelling and playing ball at 6am in the morning. We slept all night with the main flap open and woke up to a pretty sunrise.

We cooked up some breakfast (bacon and eggs again – because everything is better with bacon!) and then packed up the tent. We are getting quicker at packing up the tent and are confident on folding up the tent without the risk of breaking it.

Once packed up we were  on our way home. Unlike our previous few trips it was a nice blue sky day and an easy drive back to melbourne. We had a fantastic time in Daylesford and met some lovely people along the way. The Chillout Festival being on while we were there just made it even more interesting and fun.

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