Jpod Sport first service and a look at the Jpod Outback.

Our Jayco Jpod Sport due for its first service. They go over and check everything from the tyre pressure to tightening up any loose bolts ( that may have happened since we purchased it). Apart from the brake problem we had in Beachport, and some tidying up of cables around the battery there was nothing else we were having problems with. Although we had not had it for very long (purchased  Jpod in November 2018) we booked it in for a service at the Bayswater Jayco Dealer in Victoria. Just in time for some more Spring and Summer camping adventures!

Jayco Jpod Outback Higher off the ground

After dropping off our Jpod Sport to the service centre in the Bayswater Dealership we noticed that they had a Jpod Outback on display.  One of the first things you notice about the Jpod Outback is how high it is off the ground. It is much higher off the ground than the Jpod Sport.


Should we buy a Jpod Outback?

We were really interested to have a look at it and see if David’d head would clear the open door at the back of the Jpod Outback. Unfortunately it was raining and really suitable to have a close look. Dave quickly stood next the Jpod Outback, and opened the back door up. He managed to clear the door without any trouble ( He has to bend his head with the Jpod Sport to avoid whacking his head)

This is great news for tall people looking at buying a Jpod!. The only other thought is that a double higher step to get in will be needed – something lightweight and sturdy. It seems to be quite a big jump from the ground to get up into the jPod Outback.

We absolutely love the Jpod Sport and have not had it very long. In the future we will be seriously looking at the Jpod Outback and selling the Jpod Sport.

Jpod Outback vs Jpod Sport

There are some handy things that come with the Jpod Outback that you don’t get with the Jpod Sport. What I love about the Jpod Outback:

✓ Height off the ground

Outback is much higher off the ground than the sport. For tall people this is great!

✓ Gas cooker added to the pull out kitchen

We have the Weber Baby Q stored in one of the cavities in the Jpod Sport as well as the coleman hyperflame gas cooktop. This addition of a gas burner to the Jpod Outback will be great if you just want to do a quick fry up without any fuss.

✓ Solar Panels

We have separate solar panels that we carry with us and set up if needed. The Outback has Solar Panels installed on the front.

✓ Larger black box

You can never have enough storage!

✓ Interior Fans

Near  your head at the end of the bed. We have a Coleman fan that we set up on the bench inside the Jpod Sport. Having them ready to go without any setup in the Outback is one less thing to carry around with you.

Why we are in no hurry to upgrade to the Jayco Jpod Outback

We have only had the Jayco Jpod Sport for a short time and we want to keep using it for while yet. The Jayco Jpod Outback is definitely going to be something to consider when the time comes to upgrade!

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