Wilpena Pound to North Blinman & the best burger ever

Flinders- Ranges

We had no plans for the day and after breakfast headed to the information desk at Wilpena Pound resort and asked the guys there for some ideas. We were given a map with Hucks Lookout and Stokes Hill Lookout marked on it and were told that there were fantastic views.

We stopped and got out and had a look around Hucks Lookout  and took some photos and then headed not far away to Stokes Hill Lookout. It was quite windy and this seemed to make the heat more bearable. Plenty of information boards and a bronze casting of the surrounding area  to look at here. Great place to drive up and have a look around. Its meant to be great to watch the sunset from here. (We ran out of time to do this)

We ended up continuing on the main road and headed towards Blinman. It is a very pretty drive to Blinman from Wilpena pound and about 59km.

Once at Blinman we parked the car and had a look around. There is not much there – a handful of buildings and the local pub – North Blinman Hotel. A tour guide and another couple rolled up next to us outside the pub the same time as us. Once inside the pub the tour guide asked the bar man when the last fresh food delivery was ( I thought this was funny – there was no answer and the guide was clearly going to have the special burger) and then decided to have the burger and chips. We decided to have the burger as well – seemed like a safe option. We ordered a beer ( no beer on tap at this pub) and waited for the burger to be cooked.

North Blinman Hotel makes the Best beef cheese and bacon burger

The burger was delicious. Great combination of a beef burger, bacon and cheese – with some chips on the side.  No veges in this burger! We named it the “Danny Burger” ( the name of the chef that made  it). Its not on the menu however ask for a beef, cheese and bacon Burger if you visit the North Blinman Hotel!

Back to Wilpena Pound via Parachilna Gorge

The barman at Blinman Hotel suggested we go back to Wilpenda Pound via the scenic gorges. He marked out the map which way to go.

You are best to have a 4WD for these unsealed roads – some of which are covered in a small amount of spring water all year round.

Heysen Trail

We stopped and had a look around the start of the Heysen Trail- just because we noticed the sign and thought it might be interesting.

It was very hot when we stopped and got out of the car for a look around. We saw kangaroos, and took some great pictures.

First water crossing in our 4WD ( The Jeep)

This was the first time we had ever had to drive through water over the road so it was pretty exciting.

David was driving when we  came across the first water over the road, and then later when I was driving I had my first experience at driving through water. ( Apparently the water I drove through was just a “puddle!” )

Brachina Gorge

The scenery along the Brachina Gorge is magnificent. We stopped a couple of times to take photos.

Beautiful scenery driving along the Brachina Gorge

We eventually got back to Wilpena Pound and had a swim in the pool and then a cool shower and got ready for our scenic flight over Wilpena Pound.

7pm Flight over Wilpena Pound

This is a great way to see the vastness of the area around Wilpena Pound!. We had planned on doing this flight as part of our trip. We climbed aboard the small old 4 seater Cessna. It was a hot ( over 40 degrees) afternoon  and took off up into the sky for 30 minutes of ” wow” moments. Getting in was a bit tricky for Dave.  He managed to get in and sit very close to the pilot. I hopped in the back and managed to take lots of photos and videos, however it really doesnt let you get an idea of the scale and how magnificent the whole area is.

The plane did a circuit of Wilpena Pound over the Elder Range, Edeowie Gorge, Heysen Range, Lake Torrens, Bunyeroo Gorge, Brachina Gorge, St Mary Peak and the Pound Gap.

Watch the video of our scenic flight over Wilpena Pound

Highlights from our flight.

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