Mount Gambier to Melbourne

Driving in the rain

Rained most of the night in Mount Gambier

We were hoping it wouldn’t rain on our last night in Mount Gambier. This meant we had to pack up our gear in the wet and dry it out when we got home. The only positive is that its amazing how quickly you can pack up when its pissing down with rain!

Long drive home in the wet

The rain didn’t really stop much and we drove a lot of the way with the rain pelting down.

Not a lot to see, and we stopped a couple of times to stretch the legs and to have a snack.

Stopped in Ballarat to see some friends

Highlight of the day was catching up with some old friends that live in Ballarat. It was great to drop in and see them and have a coffee and a chat.


We eventually got home after doing 3376.3 km, and an elapsed driving time of 48 hours.

The car was unpacked and the wet tent and gear put outside for a sunny day. Our trip to Wilpena Pound, Flinders Ranges, and back via Hahndorf and Mount Gambier was over. Time to plan our next trip……

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