Flagstaff Hill Lookout Port Douglas

Me Taking Photos at Port Douglas Lookout

Port Douglas Lookout

There is a lookout over Port Douglas that is well worth the effort to get to. We had seen photos of the view and found out that it’s a 15 minute walk from the bottom to the top.

Flagstaff Hill Lookout Port Douglas – Magnificent view of four mile beach. In total it took about 30 minutes from Shantara to the lookout.

We walked down Macrossan Street then turned right at the end past the old courthouse then right up towards the light house.

Up the hill with views along the way. Not far to the lookout now.

It is a steep walk up made roads, in some places quite narrow for traffic going up and down. In some places between the trees you can spot magnificent views. We were up the top of the first steep bit looking at the view when a local man jogged backwards to enjoy the view. He said he jogs to the top of the lookout everyday.

There a few other people like us walking, however there were plenty of cars going up and down to the lookout. One we got to the top we took some great photos of four mile beach and then made our way back down.

The Lighthouse

We had noticed the sign for the lighthouse on the way up however it sort of looked like a private path so we didn’t go up. We saw a couple going down the path and decided to follow.

The timing was great as we saw quite a few of the ships heading out towards the reef. The immediate surroundings were pretty with palms and colourful plants.


We walked back towards the marina and whilst only 11.30 in the morning we noticed that there were a few spare day beds at Barbados. We were hot and our legs needed a rest.

Happy times! Best place to chill out in Port Douglas -a day bed in Barbados. We waited to be seated and were directed to a prime position day bed. We climbed into the day bed and ordered some cold refreshments. We spent an hour or so enjoying the view and the rest.

Licorice Ice cream

The main strip of shops, cafes and restaurants provides a vibrant full of energy place to meander along.

We walked past an ice cream shop and I had my favourite licorice ice-cream. It was yum! Went back there twice on our trip.

Swim and Dinner at The Boathouse Restaurant and Wine Bar, Port Douglas

Next we had a swim in the pool and a bit of a rest before heading out for dinner at the Boathouse located above Barbados in the marina area- accessed by a large wooden spiral staircase.

We had requested a table with a view and it was magnificent. Right on the edge of the balcony overlooking where the boats come in and go out. It was around sunset time so we were able to enjoy the forever changing colours in the sky.

The fish of the day was black king-fish, and they also had some Morton bay bugs that were freshly caught on the day to. We ordered some grilled prawns, Morton bay bugs and tried the black king-fish. David spotted a bottle of some Pino Gris that he wanted to try. It was all delicious – the food the wine the location!

The pub and live music

We decided to head up to the main strip in Port Douglas and ended up at an old pub. We sat at tables in the sidewalk area and enjoyed the live music and a couple of drinks.

This was the table that we sat at the night before at Port Douglas Central Hotel. We ended up chatting to some local Cairns couple – Wally and Jan. we had fun sharing travel and life stories and ended up having a great night.


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