An afternoon in Prahran | Marc-O-Matic’s Moving Marvel Exhibition

What is Immersive Augmented Reality Art?

I had seen Marc-O-Matic’s ( Marco Ryan) work on a facebook page pop up a few times. The opportunity to see his work in an exhibition came up and we visited the ArtBoy Gallery in Prahran on the last day of the exhibition to get a closer look.  I didn’t really understand how it all worked but from what I had seen in videos on his website and facebook page I was curious and wanted to experience this unique “Immersive Augmented Reality Art”.

The framed illustrated drawings on the walls of the gallery looked like any other exhibition. The hidden movement within the illustrations come alive with an a iPad provided by the gallery. Holding the iPad in front of the illustration triggers movement and sound and an animated story with so much detail. The sound effects that go with each illustration are brilliant too.

We first looked at “Transformer” which was an old Melbourne tram that changed into a “transformer. I loved it immediately. As we moved around the gallery and experienced each illustration it made me feel so happy.

Snippet from Marc-O-Matic’s Moving Marvel Exhibition

I haven’t enjoyed an exhibition so much for such a long time. So clever and appealing to a wide audience, with such beautiful representation of the city of Melbourne in “The 4 seasons of Melbourne” and ” Super Melbourne World” pieces.

Prahran Market

Prahran Market is a short walk from the ArtBoy Gallery. We had never been there before so we had a bit of a look around.

There were lots of stalls including fruit and veg, organic produce, seafood, free-range meat and poultry and more. We walked through the meat section and there were quality butchers with premium cuts of meat ( with prices to match!) displayed. A Turkish stall slowed me down and I bought a small container with samples of their many flavours of Turkish delight.

We walked through a door from the Prahran Market and came across a  shop called “The Essential Ingredient”. It had everything a food lover would want including quality foods, professional-grade cookware, culinary books and more. Great shop for series cooks!

Alisons for a coffee and snack

Walking back to the car we stopped at Alisons and had an Ice coffee and shared some delicious Portuguese tarts and danishes. It was a great place to stop and have a rest. There was a continuous stream of customers ( mostly young girls on bikes) stopping by to pick up some yummy looking home made bread from the front table.

We popped into the ArtBoy Gallery again and had another look at the exhibition. I got to have a quick chat to Marco Ryan and find out a bit more about the exhibition and artwork. What a great day – the highlight was experiencing this entertaining artwork created by a very talented artist! If you ever get a chance to see Marco Ryan’s work it is well worth the effort. You need to experience it in real life to appreciate what its all about.

Highlights | Marc-O-Matic’s “Moving Marvel” Exhibition at ArtBoy Gallery – Holding an iPad up to an illustration in a frame on the wall and seeing it come to life!

ArtBoy Gallery
99 Greville S
Prahran VIC 3181

Prahran Market
163 Commercial Road,
South Yarra VIC 3163

Alisons Handmade Bread
180 Commercial Rd Prahran (entrance in Izett St) (14.50 mi)
Prahran, Victoria, Australia 3181

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