Phillip Island | Sunday afternoon relaxing

Went to Cowes and walked up and down the main strip, down to the jetty and back again.

We were having trouble finding somewhere to eat and ended up at the Phillip Island bakery ( San Remo Bakery much better!)


We don’t often go away and just do nothing. I like to keep busy and go and see all the local attractions. Its a bit limiting with where you can go with a couple of dogs, and I been to Phillip Island many times over the years – so we decided to stay put in the caravan park and relax. David fell asleep in the Jpod and I sat in the sun and did some drawing. Nice and relaxing!

I always love cooking when we are away. Before it got too dark I made up a layered potato, onion and bacon dish to cook in the weber. We had this with some Monk fish we had bought in San Remo the day before. Delicious!


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