Nearly Blown Away in Windy Port Albert

Our plan today was to drive to Port Albert and have a look around and then have fish and chips for lunch.

First we had some yummy bacon and eggs cooked on the BBQ at our cabin in Best Friend Holiday Retreat for breakfast.

The dogs waiting patiently for David’s crumbs (and possibly a tiny piece of bacon).


When we first got to Port Albert it was extremely windy ( and windy the whole time we were there) and the sun broke through the clouds occasionally. We walked from one end of the strip to the other and by the time we got back to the car it the weather had really turned nasty and there were dark clouds.

Port Albert Fish and Chips

We walked to the very end of the jetty where the fish and chip shop was and I went in and ordered a flake and dim sims. David waited outside with the dogs and tucked himself around a corner to get shelter from the wind.

There was no way we could eat outdoors today so we headed back to the car and ate there. By this time it was raining quite heavily. The fish and chips were nice, however not as good as the fish and chips we had a George Juniors Fish and Chip shop in Morewell a couple of days before. I think that will be enough fish and chips for us for a very long time!

The Skinny Windy Road to Tarra Falls

David was happy to watch the cricket and veg out so I decided to go for a drive to check out the nearby Tarra Falls.  I drove past the caravan park ( if we didn’t have dogs that looks like a great place to stay) into the Tarra-Bulga state forest.  I had to slow right down when cars came the other way and in one place had to reverse back so another big 4WD could get past. Got to Tarra Falls and climbed down the steps and back up and took some photos.

Dinner, Drawing( Scooby Doo), and a $50 bonus.

We cooked up some pork chops on the BBQ with some salad for dinner( not the best looking dinner so no photos!) and then watched some TV. We had taken visual diaries with the intention of doing some sketching. They had been sitting on the coffee table in front of us untouched so far. I decided I felt like doing a bit of a scribble and got one of the plastic Scooby Doo toys and placed it on the coffee table in front of us.

We both ended up doing some Scooby Doo sketches. David picked up his visual diary ( that he had in hospital last year ) to show me his masterpiece and out fell a $50 dollar note! He had asked me to put it there when he was high on pain killers. It was  just in case he wanted to buy a magazine or something off the trolley. Bit of fun and a bonus $50 as well.

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