Tarra Valley in Autumn

It’s hard to find a truly fenced property anywhere in Victoria for a holiday. That’s why Best Friend Holiday Retreat is a winner.

We were looking for a dog friendly place to have a little break for a few days around the ANZAC day holiday. Its hard to find a properly fenced property that will keep the dogs in. Best Friend Holiday Retreat is fantastic for that. We had stayed there in January this year and loved it. ( so did our dogs). The dogs can run around freely without the worry of running away.

Anzac Day falls on Wednesday this year so we  took  the Thursday and Friday off work. We booked a cabin called “Pluto’s Palace” for a few days.

Roadworks and varying speed limits

We left home at 10.30 in the morning. Not very nice weather and lots of roadworks along the way with varying speed limits 110, 40, 80, 110 and trucks everywhere. Frustrating when you have to slow down to 40kph for roadworks… when there are no roadworks happening!

Roadworks keep journey time a bit unpredictable – while there were lots of roadworks it wasn’t too bad this time.

Approaching the Loy Yang Power Station

I love this part of the drive to Tarra Valley. The magnificent looking Loy Yang Power plant is amazing as you drive towards it, then up close as you go past it.

The Loy Yang Power Station is a brown coal-fired thermal power station ( a power station in which heat energy is converted to electric power) located on the outskirts of the city of Traralgon.

Lunch in Morewell at George Juniors Fish and Chips

I suppose when you have a good experience you go back for more. George Juniors Fish and Chips were great last time we had them on the way to the Tarra Valley. Only thing a bit different this time it was a weekday and there were some unsavoury looking drug affected young locals ( and that’s being nice…) zig zagging /staggering up the main strip of shops in Morewell. We were locked in the safety of our car watching the free entertainment ( avoiding any eye contact) while we ate our lunch.

We shared half a flake and had some home made dim sims and potato cakes. They were yummy!

Pluto’s Palace at Best Friend Holiday Retreat

We arrived at Best Friend Holiday Retreat, checked in to Pluto’s Palace, and unpacked the car. Taffee and Fudge our dogs were happy to go for a run around the fenced off leash areas. Fudge is a bit of a hunter and we cant let him off the lead as he will get the scent of a rabbit, or bird and run and run to try and catch it.

Plutos Palace is one of three fenced cabins at Best Friend Holiday Retreat.  The doggy decor plastered throughout the cabin was not so much of a shock – we knew what to expect this time. ( Our last stay was in Scooby-Doo’s Shack and it had Scooby memorabilia everywhere)

Plutos Palace has a lovely outlook and you can see plenty of rabbits, parrots. One night we even saw a huge wombat!

Lamb strips fried up for Dinner

There is a BBQ and kitchen facilities in Plutos Palace. Dave cooked up some marinated lamb strips on the BBQ and we had them wrapped in a bit of pita bread with tabouli and yoghurt.

This is one of our favorite dinners to make up when we are camping or staying somewhere on holiday. Easy to make and delicious!

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