Tom Price to get more fuel

To Paraburdoo via Tom Price

We slept soundly on our last night in Karajini National Park. David could hardly move as he tried to get out of the tent. His back was stuffed from falling on his bum twice on our gorge adventures the day before. We had breakfast, packed up and headed on our way to Paraburdoo.

Joffre Gorge lookout.

The plan was to adventure down and have a swim in Joffre Gorge. We walked to the Joffre Gorge lookout to suss out what was involved. Just getting the short distance to the lookout proved enough of a challenge for David. His back was so sore from the couple of falls the day before that he had to say that he could not do the Joffre Gorge. Just standing on the lookout and looking down I was quietly relieved that I wouldnt have to do what I could see other adventurers climbing down the rocks.

joffre gorge
View from Joffre Gorge lookout. Notice the blue lilos bottom right of picture.
Lilos chucked down the steep rocks by a group so they can float on the water when they get there.

Tom Price deep fried dim sims in batter

We got back in the car and drove to Tom Price. The 4wd needed more fuel and we had some snacks and checked out the visitor centre. David visited the chemist and got some heavy duty drugs to help relieve his back pain. We had some interesting snacks in a take away food shop. A Perth specialty of deep fried dim sims in batter and some chicken wings.While in the visitor centre Wayne learnt of a cool 4WD trip close by.


Mount Nameless, Tom Price

4WD up to the top of Mount Nameless, Tom Price, Western Australia. Fantastic panoramic views from the top. An direction you look is magnificent. Mount Nameless/Jarndunmunha is 4kms from town, 1128m high with views of Tom Price and Rio Tinto Iron Mine.


Stayed in crappy motel in Paraburdoo

With limited accommodation options our original trips plan was to stay in Paraburdoo for the night and be able to get up early for our flight back to Melbourne via Perth. Wayne and Nadine were going to go back to Karajini then continue back to their home in Perth in their 4WD.

The motel room was set up for minors going solo – one coffee cup, and one towel. The decor was real 1980’s stuff desperately in need of an update. It was great to have a shower, use a normal toilet and sleep in a real bed.

For dinner we went to the restaurant attached to the motel and had a lovely pub style meal.


Goodbyes with happy memories of the best adventure ever!

We drove to the Paraburdoo airport had breakfast and said our goodbyes to Wayne and Nadine. We had such a fantastic time with wonderful friends who patiently put up with me and my anxiety issues in a couple of places.

I had collected a few rocks from various places and had my one big rock about the size of my fist. We had one back pack each as carry on with no check in needed.  Security would not let me take my rock as carry on however I could have checked it in.  We decided that we wanted to have a quick exit once we got to Melbourne so the rock was left behind. I asked if I could take a photo of it ( see below)

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