Tarra Valley to Melbourne in the Rain

Loy Lang Power Station

End of holiday at Best Friend Holiday Retreat

Rainy day in the Tarra Valley. We packed up the car in the rain. It was even too wet to take dogs for  walk before getting in the car ( we like to do this to calm them down). The rain did clear up along the way.

Best Friend Holiday Retreat, Tarra Valley
Road on the way home from Best Friend Holiday Retreat, Tarra Valley

Came home a different way.

Lots of log trucks.

Tarragon for a break

There is a lovely undercover community area in Tarragon with plenty of tables and a BBQ.

Lunch at Tarragon
Lunch at Tarragon

We went for a walk and sat down undercover and  had some sandwiches.

Lots of roadworks

Slow, boring drive home in the wet!

Slow moving Traffic
Slow moving Traffic

End of another great holiday – this time with the dogs!

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