Quobba Station blowholes waiting for action

Rocky Quobba WA

We packed up camp and left Carnarvan after a hearty breakfast. Wayne made us a jaffle sandwich in a  jaffle iron which was cooked over the gas cook-top.  Delicious way to use up left over BBQ meat from the night before. We drove towards a place known as Quobba Station.

Quobba Station – Blowholes

We parked the car and walked over the uneven rocks towards the ocean. We watched the waves crash over the rocks and and were lucky enough to see one of the blowholes erupt with spurt of water high up in the air. We met some English tourists that had come especially to see the blowholes of Quobba. We chatted and waited but nothing happened. They had the video camera and were eagerly waiting to see and record the blowhole in action. Nothing happened and we moved on to our next activity- Snorkeling.

Quobba Station – Swimming and Snorkeling


Not far from the blowholes is a beautiful lagoon. It is fantastic for swimming and snorkeling. The water was clear and the coral and fish magnificent to look at. In our opinion much more vibrant and colorful than the Great Barrier Reef!

Next was our drive to Karratha. We stopped to get Diesel and lunch at an isolated place in the middle of nowhere. A couple of sandwiches and drinks for Dave and I cost a mini fortune but I suppose they haven’t  got much competition so can charge what they like.

Unfortunately the next part of the journey took a bit longer than expected. Roadworks for 200km! 60km per hour only (instead of 110km)  for a long long 200km. It was great looking out the window at ever changing scenery . A landscape so different from the green mountains and scenery of the Yarra Valley near our home in Melbourne.

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