Hahndorf, Mount Lofty and crazy bike rider

Crazy SA bike rider

We cooked up pancakes for breakfast on our cook-top at the Hahndorf caravan park. Bit of a fail. ( light and  fluffy but black!) We used pancake parlour mix and added milk as directed to make the batter. The cook-top was way too hot and cooked them too quick. We decided that next time we would need to put the fry pan half on the heat to lower the temperature a bit.

We set off on a walk along the main strip of shops in Hahndorf. There were all sorts of shops to look  at from gifts, cheese, souvenirs and cafes. One of the weirdest things we saw was in a gift shop. There was a line up of dolls that were sitting on a shelf in a line and on the end was a couple of baby  monkeys dressed up in baby clothes. So weird I asked the owner of the shop if I could take a photo. You can see what I mean in the photo below.

We had lunch at Otto’s Bakery in Hahndorf. Dave had a steak and pepper pie and I had a turkey sandwich. Great food.

We also had a look at the visitor centre in Hahndorf that has a couple of rooms you can look at to see historical items.

Hahndorf Hill Winery

We had a bottle of Hahndorf Hill’s wine from the Hahndorf Inn the night before, and as it was close by we dropped in and did a wine tasting.

It is a lovely setting and would be a nice place to have one of their gourmet platters overlooking the vineyard.

A Visit to Haigh’s Chocolate

We drove to the Haigh’s Chocolate visitor centre in Parkside. We were hoping to do a tour of Haigh’s Chocolate but they were booked out so we missed out. ( There was a tour about to start and that was full, and so was the next tour a bit later on.) We didn’t see any factory seconds and discontinued lines while we were there – this must depend on when you visit.

We had a look around and bought a couple of treats. The chocolates were all the same available in the Melbourne Haighs shops. As it was so hot we resisted buying any chocolate it would have just melted anyway.

Mount Lofty and Visitor Centre

Mount Lofty is scenic place to visit. Once you have had a look out across the vastness of  the city of Adelaide, there is a gift shop and visitor centre. We started chatting to the tourist lady and she was so helpful and suggested we go and checkout some nearby waterfalls.  She marked out on the map where we needed to go to get to the base of the Waterfall Gully Track. She also gave us some advice for our planned drive along the beach on the way to Mount Gambier. She told us to make sure we drop into the general store at Salk Lake and find out what the current driving conditions were on the beach.

What we were not told was how narrow and windy the road from Mount Lofty to the Waterfall Gully Tack.

We got stuck behind a bike rider most of the way.

The roads from Mount Lofty Summit to Waterfall Gully Road were really narrow, windy and with double lines so there is no chance of overtaking. While the (crazy) bike rider was going fast, a car could go faster.

We could not overtake and it was quite frustrating. Once we got to the waterfalls it was a short walk from the car park to see water cascading down the rock face.

There was also an alternate walking track that went up much higher and there was lots of fitness nuts making the journey.

Fruit and Veg market

We stopped in at the Fruit and Veg store opposite the caravan park  we were staying at. Not only did it have fruit and veges but anything else food wise  you could possibly want. All at great prices. Very convenient for everyone staying at the caravan park.

We bought marinated chicken sticks ( they have a good selection of meat to choose from too) and cooked them up for dinner with a bit of salad.


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