Pack up and break tent in Millstream

Millstream camping ground

Pack up and break tent in Millstream

OK perhaps its not a good idea to leave the packing up of the tent to inexperienced campers. We had been shown how to fold up the tent and sort of knew what we were doing. The amount of force used to fold the tent the right way also turned out to be the same amount of force to fold the tent the wrong way. A snap of where the pole met the hub occurred. David and I looked at each other and looked over to where Wayne and Nadine were confidently packing up their tent. How were we going to tell them? We had broken their tent and now had a lack of cover for any future nights on our camping trip.

David yelled out to Wayne to get his attention. He did say in a mildly annoyed voice ” how to did you do that”?  He disappeared and came back with a handful of cable ties and somehow managed to tie it back together and fix it. He then calmly said dont worry about it there will be a replacement part.  Wayne is a great guy!

Another swim in Deep Reach Pool

Sitting on the step after a dip in Deep Reach Pool

After packing up and leaving the Millstream campsite we stopped to have a  morning dip in Deep Reach Pool before heading off to go to Karrajini. While this place is isolated we noticed someone to the left of us doing lap swimming. We watched as the figure swam across from edge to edge – like swimming across a very wide river.  It seemed to be a strange thing to be doing – but it was either a very fit local, or tourist doing a great big swim!

On the way to Karajini we saw a very long iron ore train

When you are doing a trip like this you get used to seeing  the landscape and nothing much else. Occasionally we saw a few feral cows in the distance and once we did have to stop to let them cross the road. When you do see something moving in the distance it is very exciting – and when we saw the first iron ore train we stopped the car to have a better look. I took some video on my iPhone, and when the train got closer it tooted its horn at us and about the same time the wind blew my hat off my head. After about 5 minutes of standing and watching and no end of the train in sight we got back in the car and kept on going towards our next destination – Hamersley Gorge.


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