On the way to Millstream Chichester National Park

On the way to Millstream Chichester National Park

The views out the car window were forever changing and the vast beauty of the Pilbara apparent. The remoteness and isolation and lack of civilisation is forgotten about with the car radio and air conditioning  that keeps us entertained and comfortable. Outside the car it is 41 degrees. Help if needed is a long way away.

Just before Python Pool

We didn’t know it but our first flat tyre on our Pilbara Adventure was just on the stretch of track just before Python Pool. It was a hot 41 degrees and the jack was located underneath some of our camping stuff. Changing the tyre was not straight forward and thoughts of camping on the side of the road while waiting for someone travelling along the same track to help us crossed my mind. While the tyre was being changed I took some photos  of the area.

After an hour or so the tyre was fixed and we got on our way. Not far along the road we came across Python Pool. A welcoming and magnificent place to cool down!!

Python Pool WA. Australia

Python Pool a welcome surprise

Set up camp in Millstream

We arrived in Millstream and set up camp on the allocated cleared red dirt area. The camp hosts came and had a chat and were very friendly and told us about the lookout near Deep reach. We drove to the lookout and it was magnificent.

Deep reach swim

A different experience to swimming in Python Pool, Deep Reach looks like a wide river. Its not. Deep Reach Pool is a large, permanent body of water maintained by the aquifer beneath the park. Metal steps and rails have been built on the edge of the water to make access to swimming easy. The steps go deep underneath the surface of the water and are very slippery. It was great to cool down again.


Dinner and bed

We headed back to camp, cooked dinner and fell asleep after an eventful, memorable day!

David McDonald digital painting of Python Pool

Millstream Chichester National Park is an oasis in the desert, and rugged visual feast.

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