Mildura to Melbourne earlier than planned

90% chance of rain

We were meant to stay another night at the Buronga Riverside Caravan Park  however after looking up the forecast for later on in the day and over night decided to pack up and go home a day earlier.  Our campsite was a few meters from the river and quite boggy. A few days before there had been heaps of rain, and the ground was still quite wet. The prospect of having to pack up in the rain and mud was something we didn’t want to experience. ( we had packed up camp in the rain in Mount Gambier and it wasn’t much fun)

With the car all packed up with the tent and all the bits and pieces we left the campsite at 9.45am.

We drove and drove for a few hours until it was lunch time.

Lunch at Bakery on Broadway –  Wycheproof

We have always parked on the wrong side of the road when going through Wycheproof. The road is quite wide and for some reason we had never ventured across the road to Bakery on Broadway. What a find. The Bakery is beautifully decked out inside and out. We ordered straight away and sat outside and our food came out shortly after. Dave reckons it’s one of the best pies he has ever had. ( he seems to say this a lot – especially when he is hangry!)

Delicious homemade pie and pastie with a chocolate milkshake. We will definitely be back next time we are driving through Wycheproof regardless of what side of the road a car happens to be parked on.

Are we there yet?

After a day of driving we got home around 5 pm.

With the car unpacked we planned to air out the slightly damp tent, fly, mat and tarp another day.

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