Paddle Steamer Sleeping Opportunity

View from our tent window

We woke in the morning and could see birds walking around the front of our tent.

Firing  up the Coleman cooktop we cooked up some bacon and eggs and toast and enjoyed breakfast overlooking the river. There seems to be lots of activity on the river with boats and people in canoes.

With all the birdlife including swans and a resident duck in a nearby log there is plenty to look at while sitting on the side  of theriver.

Mildura City Market, Mildura

We found a carpark near Woolies and meandered around the spread out market that seem to go from one end of town to the other

After looking around the market we bought some fresh rolls from a bakery and headed back to camp for lunch.

Ham and cheese in a fresh roll

There is something special about fresh rolls spread with butter and nice smoked ham ( and in this case the addition of Jarlesburg cheese. Yummy!

A nice lunch and break back at the campsite.

Afternoon sleep on the paddle steamer

From our campsite we could see the Paddle Steamer’s go past.  We had to drive across the bridge to the jetty to go on the 2 hour Paddle Steamer cruise.

I am not sure if Dave was tired or bored but he fell asleep about an hour into the trip. There was a little bit of snoring happening too! It really is quite relaxing and a great way to spend the afternoon.

A trip along the Murray in an old Paddle Steamer really is quite relaxing and a great way to spend the afternoon.

Mildura Brewery

After  our cruise on the paddle steamer we went to the Mildura Brewery and had a beer. They have a great set up there and lovely decor.

Dinner by the River

The sunsets and their reflections on the river are beautiful. We enjoyed another dinner cooked up on the Coleman cook top and watched the sun go down.

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