Melbourne to Bright via Glenrowan

Ned Kelly in Glenrowan

Short weekend camping trip to Bright in Summer

The plan was to go somewhere we hadn’t been before that wasnt too far away and pitch the tent and stay a couple of nights. Bright is somewhere that is great to visit all year round. In Autumn the trees are well known for their magnificent Autumn colors.  In summer these beautiful trees are green and provide a cool place to shelter from the heat. Bright is located on the Ovens River, and is nestled between the Mount Buffalo and Alpine National Parks.

I did the first couple of hours driving from Melbourne and we stopped in Euroa Maccas for a coffee and snack, and stretch of the legs. David then took over driving to Glenrowan.

Stop  in Glenrowan and Hello to Ned Kelly

The massive statue of Ned Kelly is really impressive as you drive into Glenrowan. We parked the Jeep not far from the Ned Kelly statue and took some photos. We then went for a stroll up and down the main strip and went into a couple of shops that were open.

We didn’t stay long in Glenrowan and kept on our way headed toward the Milawa Cheese Company.

Milawa Cheese Company

It was lunch time and we were hungry. Our next stop was the Milawa Cheese Company. We had a taste of their cheeses an moved on to have lunch. Plenty of choices here and we decided to have a snacky lunch. David had a pie ad sausage roll ( he didn’t need the sausage roll and expects me to eat some of it too!). I had a foccacia with some of their cheese in it. We sat in the outside area – nice food in a pleasant environment on a hot day.

We continued on our way towards Bright via Brown Brothers.

Brown Brothers

I have been to Brown Brothers a couple of times over the years and love the green grass and pretty surroundings. There is a lovely lawn area between the wine tasting area and the restaurant. It was quite busy and their wine selection extensive. We requested a sample of a few wines and enjoyed their Pinot Gris, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay. We were going to buy a couple of bottles but it was clear that we were going to have to wait too long…

Very busy when we visited. Brown Brothers could have had at least another 3 staff on!

Set up tent in Bright

Checking into the Bright Caravan park we were given a map to get to our allocated campsite. We got there and while a really pretty outlook we could not find where the power for our campsite was. We rang the managers of the campsite and they said it was there – just a little bit further away than we thought. They said they had a long extension lead if we needed it however in the back of the car with everything you could possible need on a camping trip David had packed a 20 metre extension lead.

Everything was ok and we had power. Power for our waeco fridge, and charging phones.

BIG4 Bright

1/11 Mountbatten Avenue, Bright
Victoria 3741

Once we set up the tent we wandered into the main stip of town and came across the  Bright brewery. We ordered their sample platter of beer . Each little sample had some tasting notes. We decided that none of them appealed to our pallete and moved on. Really nice place to have  a drink.

The Chocolate shop in bright was hard to find off the main street. Signage was really bad. From the outside the shop looked closed. We opened the door and went in. There were a couple of staff in the background and we felt uncomfortable. It didn’t really smell nice (and I love chocolate!) and the space between the front door and the counter was enormous.We were not acknowledged and left without a smile or sampling of their offerings.

Ginger Baker wine bar and sat outside beer.

Now this is a great place to visit. While we didn’t have any food the staff were excellent. Very friendly and chatty and knowledgeable of the surrounding area. There is a front part to Ginger Baker which is popular in the cooler weather and then out the back is magnificent trees shading you from the heat. It backs onto the river and when we were there live music happened.

Ginger Baker is a lovely place to sit and have a drink.

Koftas for dinner

Back at the Bright campsite we cooked up some Koftas for dinner. So easy and so yummy. We bought the Koftas from the butcher, tabouli, yoghurt and flat bread from the supermarket. Easy to cook up in one fry pan and very yummy!

We were in bed by 9pm and asleep!

Summary of our day

03 Feb 2017 – Day 1 | Melbourne to Bright
| Highlights – Ned Kelly statue in Glenrowan, Milawa Cheese Company for lunch, Brown Brothers wine tasting, Ginger Baker – having a drink under the cool of the beautiful trees.

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