Hamersley Gorge, Karijini National Park, WA


Slight detour for swim in Hamersley Gorge, Karijini National Park.

hamersley-gorge-waFrom the car park you could see the vastness of the beautiful surroundings. We packed some water bottles and a backpack with some lunch and headed down the rock steps towards the bottom of the gorge.

Once safely at the bottom we got ready for a swim. We floated around the main area you see in the video below and then meandered through the gap until we couldn’t go any further.

Some parts were wider than others and the water changed in depth along the way.

Sub conscious care was taken in arm and leg movement as under the water were hidden tree branches or large slabs of angular rocks. It was a relaxing, beautiful experience moving through the bottom of this magnificent gorge.

After a bit of a rest we then slowly made our way back, ate some lunch and then climbed back up the gorge to the car park.

The rock

I am happily holding the rock and Wayne is pointing to his packet of Krispies – Wayne’s favorite biscuit which is made in New Zealand.

At one point on our swim through the gorge Wayne got out and did a bit of exploring on a small flat ledge and found a rock about the size of a hand that was light in color with a dark shape of which looked like a map of Australia. It even had a dot for Tasmania.  I was fascinated by this rock – it was so unique and beautiful ( as far as rocks go). Wayne swam all the way back through the gorge with this rock and gave it to me to keep. I carried the rock for the rest of the journey and it got as far as Paraburdoo airport security.

On the road again

I took lots of photos like the ones below. There was an ever changing landscape view and I never got bored with the scenery.

David McDonald digital painting Karijini national park north west Western Australia

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