Fishing in Cleaverville and a swim at Point Samson


Camping in Karratha

After arriving to the campsite in Karratha in the darkness of the night and then setting up in the heat was exhausting. We had a late dinner, a refreshing shower at the campsite and fell asleep very easily.

After some breakfast we went for a drive around and up a nearby mountain. There were a couple of guys on trail-bikes hooning along. It felt like at times that the angle of the car was on an angle of 45 degrees and at one point we stopped abruptly as the angle seemed to be increasing and  perhaps a roll down the hill was about to happen. The next maneuver was a sharp left down the hill with the front of the car facing the bottom of the hill.  A slow descent ended up with a safe landing at the bottom. Haven’t  got any photos of this drive due to the bumpiness and some of the angles the car was on required hanging on pretty tight!

Karratha Western Australia

Visitor centre Karratha

Our next stop was the Karratha visitor centre where Wayne and Nadine were to get their permit for  The Rio Tinto Rail Access Roads. Getting this permit means the journey time is cut. A coffee van out the front seemed to be a very popular for tourists and the locals. I had a fantastic chocolate milk shake( weather too hot for a coffee if you are from Melbourne) after having a bit of a look around. Next on the agenda was some fishing.

 Fishing at Cleaverville

The spot we found to fish was magnificent. We spread along the rocks and spent hours trying and trying to catch something big enough to talk about.

When you are in a 4WD exploration is fun. We were not anywhere near the water however the photos make it look like we are!

Point Samson swim in calm water

Point samson

We drove to Point Samson and had a drive around and almost by accident came across a beautiful sheltered beach. It was hidden off a side street without any signage. We parked the car and headed down a short track to the beach. The boys ended up snorkeling with some fish near the rocks and Nadine and I chatted as we floated in the calm refreshing water. We didn’t want to leave…

We headed back from Point Samson to the campsite at Karratha to spend a second night.

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