Bright, Eurobin Falls, Red Stag Deer & Emu Farm

Eurobin Falls

Eurobin falls track

We had gone into the visitors centre and asked for a place to go that didn’t require too much walking. The lady suggested Eurobin Falls. A short scenic drive from Bright we parked the car on the side of the road near the entrance to the track.

The track is well maintained with natural and man made steps in places. It was an easy walk for us. The scenery was fantastic and along the way we kept on seeing little lizards sitting on rocks.

Red Stag Deer & Emu Farm

Red Stag Deer & Emu Farm is a bit of a drive off the main road but well worth a visit. It  is free to enter and you can easily spend half an hour wandering around seeing animals close up. If you have kids you can buy a bucket of food and feed the animals. We saw some cute toddlers feeding cute baby goats. Gorgeous!

There are deer, ostriches, pigs baby goats, chickens, and emu all roaming in green paddocks with the backdrop of the pretty Mount Buffalo in the background.

We went and had a look at the gift shop and restaurant. You can have a meal there in the most beautiful setting – would be a great place to have a wedding function.

The pigs  were having a good feed when we visited the Red Stag Deer & Emu Farm and a bit of a fight over it.


There were some local church markets on the day we visited Beechworth. We meandered through the stalls then walked down the main street. We had planned on going to the Bridge Road Brewers Beechworth for lunch and when we found it we walked down the little alley way to an old brick building. It had a village atmosphere with outdoor tables and people sitting around enjoying their food and beer.

We ordered a couple of dishes to share and it was only when they came out we realised we probably only needed one meal to share. The servings were massive. We shared a serve of  ribs and hamburger with crispy bacon and jalepenos. We washed this down with an icy cold chestnut pilsner beer. Yum.

A sneaky entrance down an alley way gets you to Bridge Road Brewers in Beechworth.

Beechworth Bakery, The Beechworth Sweet Company, and Beechworth Honey

The streets in Beechworth are very wide with lots of old buildings and shops to look at. Beechworth bakery is a nice place to have a pie or cake. As there are a few scattered in other suburbs throughout Victoria ( that we have eaten at) we made the choice to try something new and had lunch at Bridge Road Brewers.

The Beechworth Sweet Company is in the same street as the Beechworth Bakery. The shop front is beautifully decorated and when you walk inside you are overwhelmed with the bright packaging of sweets sitting on shelves from the floor to the ceiling. Freshly made fudge in all sorts of flavors can be bought along with any of your favorite child hood sweets.

Beechworth Honey is located at the top of the main street in Beechworth. You can taste a huge range of honey and bee related products and gifts. There is also a Bee School located in the historic Bank of NSW building at the main roundabout in Beechworth. The Beechworth Honey’s Bee School presents a range of family friendly activities, food and drinks, and fun educational and interactive experiences. Both places are within walking distance of each other and well worth a visit.


We had read in brochures that Arts and crafts were prominent in Yackandandah. At 3pm most of the shops were shut. A couple of cafes were open. Pretty town but disappointing if you are looking for Art galleries and shops.

Not much happening in the art and craft departmetn in the town of Yackandandah when we visited.

Alpine Gate Cafe – Myrtleford

We felt  like a coffee but ended up having a devonshire tea as well. ( not much will power when it comes to country baking!)  Big fluffy home made scones with jam and cream. They were lovely.

Next door to the cafe is the visitor centre with gift, maps, brochures and on the day we visited the lovely Helga. We had a look around and picked up some maps and brochures and I opened up one and it reminded me to ask what the “funny looking small but tall tin looking sheds” were scattered throughout our day driving around the area.

Helga was happy to tell us all about the “Tobacco Kilns”. It was once a way of life until the tobacco industry was shut down.

As the tobacco industry grew in Myrtleford, tobacco kilns appeared. Tobacco farming started to take hold in great numbers in the 1930s, but it was after the war that the industry really dominated the town. The post-war corrugated iron tobacco-drying kilns became a distinctive feature of the region. The industry was closed down in 2006 with tobacco no longer being grown anywhere in Australia. Today wine grapes, hops, walnuts and chestnuts, blueberries and raspberries, cherries, apples, kiwifruit, olives, vegetables, beef and dairy cattle are all farmed in the region.

Steak sweet potato bacon for dinner

We cooked up some sweet potato and bacon, put it to the side and in the same pan cooked the steak. A bit of salad on the side and we had a delicious dinner.

We went to bed around 10pm and woke at 1pm to loud noise in the caravan park. Drunk and rowdy wedding party goers were having a ball. Not much fun for everyone else in the Caravan Park and the general population of Bright. It was so bad I rang the caravan park mobile phone number to find out what was going on. The owner was apologetic and explained they were with the noisy people trying to settle them down. They did quieten down a bit after about half an hour.

A couple of hours later the quiet of the night was disturbed again with a kid crying out to its parents. ” I want to sleep in between”. This went on for about 15 minutes and neither of the parents told the kid to shut up and be considerate of other people trying to sleep. Clearly the spoilt brat kid got it way as there was silence… at last.

Summary of our day in Bright

04 Feb 2017 – Day 2 | A day exploring Bright and surrounds.
| Highlights – Eurobin Falls, Red stag deer farm, Beechworth – lunch at Bridge Road Brewers Beechworth, Alpine Gate Cafe Myrtleford – devonshire tea, and Helga at the Myrtleford visitor centre.

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