Cooked Breakfast and a visit to Maldon

Being the last day of a long weekend it was pack-up time for most of the people staying at the caravan park. Where was lots of noise around us and doors opening and slamming and cars starting up and leaving.

Starting with Eggs and Bacon

We cooked up some eggs and bacon on the Coleman gas cooker and had a leisurely breakfast before heading off to explore the nearby town of Maldon.

Maldon Main Street

The country town of Maldon has a main strip of made up of old buildings and shops. We had a stroll through town and found the Maldon Visitor Centre. We were told that a great thing to see is the train that comes into the station and it was arriving in about half an hour at 12.30pm.

Maldon Train Station

It was a short walk from town along the main road to the Maldon Train station.  By the time we got there we waited about 5 minutes and we could see some smoke and hear the train in the distance. The train chugged into the platform and people hopped out of the old fashioned carriages for some time in Maldon.

We noticed a different way to walk back to town through what looked like a reserve. The Beehive Mine Chimney ( Dave is posing in front of it below)  built in 1863 and standing 30 metres high, it is the only one of its age and size still standing in Victoria.

Back in town we went past a few cafe windows looking at their menus. We decided to go to Wicked temptations. They had a lovely outdoor area set up out the back.

We enjoyed a milkshake each and then I had some Nachos and Dave had a pulled pork bun. Was yummy!

“Hey Megan” yelled a loud voice

Walking back towards the car we were just about on the road when a voice yelled out “Hey Megan”. I turned around and to my surprise it was my cousin Lesley. I had not seen Lesley for a couple of years and had no idea  that she lived in Maldon. She had just taken over a gift shop called “Tangled” and was watching us go by and thought it might be me so she called out! We had a lovely catch up chat and moved on when a customer needed help.

Mt Tarrangower Tower | Maldon

We climbed up the steps of the Mt Tarrangower Tower and took some great photos.

A coffee in Castlemaine.

Being a public holiday there was not much happening in Castlemaine. ( not that we could find easily ) We found a coffee shop that was open and had a coffee to keep us going

Jubilee Lake

I was curious to see what this was like as this was an alternative place we could have camped. We parked the car and had a bit of a wander down to the little jetty and watched some ducks flapping around in the water.

Michael Parker Gallery Stonehouse Gallery

It was getting close to the end of the day and we fitted one last stop in. The Michael Parker Gallery Stonehouse Gallery is just up the road from the caravan park. We had been to this gallery a few years ago. In a couple years the place had really evolved to be hold a stunning collection of paintings and sculptures. There is also a sculpture garden with a stunning collection of contemporary sculptures and artworks.

Empty Campsite! Quiet. No kids. YAY!

We got back to the campsite and it empty. It was such a pretty setting only noticelble now there were no cars, tents or people in sight.

Camping at off peak times is something worth looking at!

Steak and Chips for Dinner

Dave loves his chips and worked out a way of making it work without an oven. Watch him in action!

Yummy camp dinner of Steak and Chips cooked on the Coleman Hyperflame. We had a few kipfler potatoes and washed the dirt off, left the skin on and boiled them up in the kettle. About 10 minutes later when they were tender we cut them in half and then fried them up in the fry pan until they were golden and crispy.


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