A night out in the city on The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant Melbourne

David Melbourne city at night

Check in to the Windsor

melbourneThe Windsor had some great  deals on and we thought it would be a good idea to stay in the city so we could both enjoy a few drinks ( turned out to be more than a few!) with our  dinner on the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant Melbourne.

While we like more contemporary style accommodation it actually worked out quite well pairing up with a night at the Windsor and dinner on  The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant Melbourne.

The Windsor is a magnificent old historical building which I love. A really good friend had a lovely wedding reception there a few years ago which we really enjoyed. Our weekend was filled with nostalgia from the Windsor decor, the old fashioned crimson colored Tramcar decor, and the paintings we enjoyed at Federation Square and the National Gallery of Victoria from the 19th Century.

I had heard about the tram car restaurant but it was a special Christmas gift to David and I from by lovely Sister in law ( she is so good with giving the right gift to the right person and puts a lot of thought into it) and younger brother that got us to try it out by giving us a gift voucher.

We decided to meander from the Windsor located at the top end of Collins street and make our way to the tram  stop in South Melbourne. We did catch a city circle tram to save our legs and got off at Swanston Street. We then caught another tram and got off at the National Gallery of Victoria to have a look around.

A visit to the National Gallery of Victoria

There is a lot to see at the National Gallery of Victoria. The first thing before you even get in there. The pool of water surrounds the front of the gallery like a moat. As you walk towards the entrance you notice the water falling down the windows. I remember going as a kid and seeing this. (I always wished I had really long arms to reach in and get the seemingly unwanted money that people throw in. And felt it could be put to much better use than on the bottom of a concrete moat!). In the foyer were a couple of great exhibits.

A vw in the shape of a ball! I thought that this was fantastic. ( I have painted plenty of cars and  vw’s for various exhibitions and particularly love the look of them.)

A drink and a look around Southbank and Casino

Thsfgere are plenty of places along the Yarra river to stop and have a meal or drinks. We stopped and had a drink at a nice looking bar. After that we walked through the casino towards where the tramstop was for our dinner.

Neither of us really are into gambling however I did have a few coins in  my pocket that ended up a machine. I was ahead for a little bit but then all of a sudden the balance was down  to zero!

The tram stop and step back in time

We were at the tramstop with plenty of time to spare and got our name ticked of the list and waited for the tram(s) to arrive. They had multiple trams set up to do the dinner run and there were plenty of people waiting.

Its like a step back in time and warm  and welcoming when you enter. Very cosy. The food was wonderful the drinks were flowing and the service excellent. The tram went down to StKilda and up and  down some  other streets and before we knew it we were back at the beginning.

Casino and walk back to Windsor

I am not into gambling but love the lights and energy you see when you walk through the casino. The city lights at night in Melbourne are magical!

A walk along southbank in the city of Melbourne at night is magical!

Our thoughts on The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant

Great night out and we thoroughly enjoyed the tram, its service, the food and the forever flowing drinks! We even said no to an offer of a last liqueur drink (which if you know us sounds unbelievable!) but we were happy, satisfyingly full and didn’t need it. Fantastic nostalgic way to enjoy a night out in the beautiful city of Melbourne.


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