Celebrating 30 years Wedding Anniversary at Olivigna

Our view from the restaurant

We had decided earlier on in the year to make a booking for our 30th Wedding Anniversary at Olivigna. ( We went there last year for our 29th and anniversary and many other occasions over the last couple of years and really enjoy it. ) It is located in Warrandyte, Melbourne in a beautiful setting of rolling green hills and grape vines. There is an alfresco area for outside dining and then there is the restaurant.

We started with a drink at the bar at Olivigna

It was a bit cloudy and overcast so while sitting outside would be an option ( in the past on hot sunny days we have sat outside – its beautiful) we decided to sit at the bar.

David ordered an Expresso Martini and I ordered a Spicy Mojito. Its a really nice outlook sitting here and you can see through the bar and windows to the rolling hills.

In a corner of the room are some shelves with Olivigna wines, Anna’s limoncello, and various olive products for sale. Nearby is a meat cabinet with interesting looking chunks of meat and salamis.  There is also a lovely looking private dining room. We finished our drinks and moved to the restaurant.

Dinner in the restaurant at Olivigna

The menu at Olivigna does change throughout the year so its always interesting to see what is on offer. Our table was right in the corner next to the window overlooking the pretty views.

I ordered a beetroot and cashew nut cream themed entree (Barbabietola), and the fish of the day – (barramundi) for the main meal. Dave ordered a trio of seafood (Tre) followed by a pork inspired main. We ordered some wine and meanwhile some freshly baked crusty bread and a small dish of olive oil came out to dip it in.

We thoroughly enjoyed all of the food we ordered and the fantastic views. At one stage the owner of Olivigna, Anna, came to our table and introduced herself to us and wished us happy 30th Wedding Anniversary. We also congratulated her on winning the Manningham BUSINESS of the YEAR Award. A well deserved award!

Olivigna’s Tiramisu

Wow! Delicious! It was a nice unexpected touch to have “Happy Anniversary” written on our plate.

Tiramisu to share on our anniversary

We didn’t  need to have dessert but decided to share a Tiramisu. It came out on a rectangular platter with chocolate writing “Happy Anniversary”. This was an unexpected lovely touch to the dessert. It was a great version of Tiramisu – the Olivignia Tiramisu consisted of a generous serve of yummy soaked cake, with delicious ice cream, and a salted caramel macaron.

We really enjoyed our night out at Olivigna. It is a beautiful part of Warrandyte and the food is fantastic.

Our next challenge was getting home.

David ordering an Uber

We had decided that we were going to try and get and Uber lift home. Neither of us  had used a taxi service in a long time and we had been told by members of the younger generation that Uber is the way to go. The waiter said that it could be a bit of a wait – especially for short trips.

david booking uber

David had downloaded the Uber app in preparation of our trip home. He ordered and it was estimated that our pickup would be about 8 minutes. We walked to the front of Olivigna and sure enough our pickup came. The interior of the car was immaculate. Nothing like the smelly dirty Taxi’s trips I remembered when I was younger. It was a short trip and we were pleased at the service. We will be using Uber again! (Don’t know why you would order a taxi!)

Olivigna for our 30th Wedding Anniversary

Lovely memories!


54–56 Brumbys Road, Warrandyte, 23km from Melbourne

Check their website out for more details, and to book a table.


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