Camping at Karijini Eco Retreat

All  in one day

A swim in Deep Reach, hike down swim in and hike back up Hamersley gorge and a drive to our next camping spot at Karijini Eco Retreat. What a wonderful day full of great memories.

Icy cold apple cider

After paying, and getting instructions to where our campsite was located we decided to buy an icy cold apple cider before setting up camp. We sat in the restaurant area and enjoyed the bush views while enjoying a refreshing drink. While we could have sat there and continued drinking we did have to sort out the tents ready the night.

Set up camp

The camp site at Karijini Eco Retreat was made up of short iron posts marking our area with large red rocks making up the ground. A heavy duty tarp was placed on the red rocky earth and we proceeded to put up the “fixed” broken tent. It seemed to be ok and went up and looked like it did before it was broken. We rolled out the self inflating mattresses and bedding ready for sleep later on.

The camp site at Karijini Eco Retreat was made up of short iron posts marking our area with large red rocks making up the ground

A dingo’s got my meat tray

We had a cook up of kangaroo steak cooked on the gas cook top and salad by the talented Wayne and Nadine. We enjoyed the meal with some wine followed by Sailor Jerry and ginger ales. After a few of these we sat around in the dark of the campsite chatting about our day.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed some movement and yelled out   – “look there is a dog over there”. Of course it wasn’t a dog but a dingo sniffing out our rubbish, and interested in the empty meat tray that the kangaroo steak came in. It was scared and ran away into the night.

Stub toe in the darkness

On one of the trips to the nearby toilet in the darkness I managed to hook my little toe on one of the campsite posts. ( was wearing thongs) It didn’t hurt too much but created a bit of a mess that looked worse than what it was. Wayne got out the first aid kit and applied a band aid to stop the bleeding. I ended up wearing runners the rest of the trip to protect my toe from any further problems.

Safe in the tent with Dingoes howling around us

We retired exhausted and fell asleep pretty easily. We awoke around 2 am to hear dingoes howling. It was like they were talking to each other. The howling got louder and louder. We had a peak out the window of the tent to see a dingo less than 2 metres away from us. The light from the torch frightened it and it ran off into the night. The the howling between the dingoes became less frequent and softer until there was silence. We lay there too wound up to go to sleep for a while and then nodded off.

Breakfast with the the cast iron jaffle iron

The cast iron jaffle iron was a great way of using up any leftovers from the previous nights bbq. On our pilbara trip we had a few yummy jaffles cooked up on the gas cook-top.

A good hearty breakfast was going to be needed for our next days adventure in Karajini national park!

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