Bright to Melbourne in the rain

David pondering packup at Bright campsite

After a shitty nights sleep I got up opened the zipper at 7.30 am to a few spots of rain. Not ideal when you are about to get up have breakfast, and pack up your tent to go home.

The owner of the caravan park came up to us and apologised for the noise in the night and explained they were doing everything in their power to make them quiet. They were having to be careful because a couple of the offenders were starting to get violent. It was a bad situation but great to get an apology and explanation from their point of view.

Next camping trip I am packing earplugs – just in case!

We packed up the tent in light rain. We don’t talk about the pack up – we just do it. Between the two of us we know what we have to do and what order things have to go in the back of the Jeep to fit everything in.

Once the car was packed we headed out of Bright and then back along the Hume. Stopped at a busy Maccas for a snack. Kept on driving in the wet overcast and yucky weather.

Were going to go via Yea however wet roads made us take the safer less windy route. Not much happening – just a boring wet drive  home.

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