Barbados – Ultimate place to chill out in Port Douglas!

Barbados Port Douglas view day bed

Barbados Port Douglas is the ultimate place to chill!

If you have limited time in Port Douglas then Barbados is the place you must visit. Barbados is situated on the marina and as soon as you look in its direction it invites you into the relaxing environment. There are day beds, lounges, and wooden stools and tables all laid out underneath a canopy area on the main corner of the marina area. At sunset time, or in the morning you are in the best position to see the boats sailing past with the magnificent backdrop of the Daintree.

What a setting!

Sitting in Barbados is the best tropical holiday feeling. The staff are all so welcoming and we couldn’t help but notice they are all very pretty with great personalities.

We were in Port Douglas for 5 nights and managed to fit in 3 visits to Barbados in this time. The first time visiting Barbados was our first night in Port Douglas and was at sunset, and packed to the rafters. Its a beautiful place to be at sunset ( or any part of the day really), and  you can sit and enjoy the view and boats coming back into the marina.

Cocktails and beer on tap

We were offered a wooden stool each which we were really happy with and ordered a drink. I had a Caribbean Mojito which was delicious and Dave had a Asahi beer on tap. Cold crisp cool and refreshing! Before too long a lounge became available and a waitress politely asked if we would like to move there. We accepted and enjoyed the surroundings while the DJ got into some really chilled out relaxing music that helped with the whole feel of Barbados.

As it was my birthday and I love prawns, I decided to order a entree serve of prawns to share. They were a fantastic snack and I really enjoyed them.

Once we had finished our drinks and the prawns we moved on. We were keen to come back another day and try and score a coveted day bed. These day beds overlook the marina and really are the premium place to be at Barbados.

Yes! Vacant day bed at Barbados just for us!

The early bird gets the day bed! Our second visit to Barbados like our first visit was not planned. We had been for a walk up to the Flagstaff Hill lookout and came back down along the marina side of Port Douglas. It was quite warm and while it was only 11.30am in the morning when we walked past Barbados, noticed 2 empty day beds and made a snap decision to stay and have a drink. We were so happy to get the day bed and put our feet up and enjoyed a cold refreshing drink (or 3).

Third time at Barbados in one week!

Our third visit to Barbados was after we had been on the Bally Hooley Steam Train on a yucky overcast day. The nautical umbrellas were open and trying to protect the day beds from the drizzle. Bit later in the day than our second visit we managed to get a day bed again! Yay.

It was towards the end of our visit in Port Douglas and we were pretty tired from walking everywhere. Putting our legs up and having a drink overlooking the filtered views of the marina through the opened up beach umbrellas was just what we needed. Great way to spend some more relaxing time on an overcast rainy day.

We really enjoyed Barbados (particularly the daybed) – it really is one of the best places to have a drink and relax in Port Douglas!

Where is Barbados (Port Douglas)?

Located at The Reef Marina,  44 Wharf Street, Port Douglas, head down to where all the boats are and walk to the end of the boardwalk towards the water. Barbados is located on the corner on the ground floor.

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