Bally Hooley Steam Train Port Douglas

Steam Train Port Douglas

Our last day in Port Douglas

It had been raining overnight and the sky was overcast. We thought we would walk down to the marina and watch the boats go out to the reef.

We then had a coffee overlooking the marina. While we were there we heard the toot of the train. We had a look online and worked out it would be leaving in 15 minutes  so decided to see if we could buy a ticket and  check it out.

Bally Hooley Steam Train Port Douglas

Hooley Dooley! Open air carriages with great views along the way as the steam train chugged along.

It turned out to be perfect timing and we found a carriage to sit down in. There were lots of young families and excited kids.  We had seen a very excited little boy earlier when we were having coffee and noticed that by the time he had got to the train was asleep in his dad’s arms.

The round trip is just over an hour and we really enjoyed it. Its a perfect activity for kids and adults any time and even on an overcast drizzly day like we had it was still a great day out.

Barbados again for beer in the day bed

New favourite place in Port Douglas! ( and we got the same day bed we had the other day) The black and white umbrellas were open and stopping any drizzling rain.

While it was overcast the views toward the marina were still there, the chill-out background music and the comfort of the day bed was still very relaxing! We were a bit later today ( after lunchtime at least) but still managed to get the best position in Barbados.

Lunch at Mockas

Great pies and sausage rolls at Mockas.

Dave had a chili pie and I had a sausage roll. Really popular pie place. Make sure you go to Mockas and not the other pie shop that has opened a couple of doors up.

Salsas for dinner

We had booked a table at Salsas about 2 months before our trip to Port Douglas. We had a great table near the open shuttered window and enjoyed some garlic bread with pesto, and David had the fish of the day ( Kingfish) and I had some tiger prawns. All very yummy.

Shuttle Bus Port Douglas to Cairns Airport

If you are wondering what the road is like from Port Douglas to Cairns you can check out this video below. Whether you choose to hire a car or catch a shuttle bus you can get an idea of what the conditions are like. By the way the bus driver is not speeding – I sped up the video so that it wasn’t too long and boring to watch….

The end of a great holiday in Port Douglas and home to Melbourne

We had a fantastic enjoyable holiday and we will go back to Port Douglas again – hopefully sooner rather than later!


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